Gesshin Restaurant

Tonight was date night, and that usually entails dinner and a movie, but that also meant I would get to use my camera again. The original restaurant that we selected was still closed due to the holidays, so we ended up going to Gesshin Restaurant as an alternative.  We were surprise how pack this place was on a Monday night.  The sushi bar was packed and all the tables were full. After about 15 minutes of waiting, they were barely able to squeeze us in at the end of the sushi bar. It was a tight fit, but seeing how packed and happy everyone was, I figured the food must be amazing.

As usual, we asked the sushi chef to surprise us. His immediate response, “Do you like albacore?”. We looked at each other and then turned to him with the answer, “Yes, sir”. With that reply, he quickly went to work behind the counter. Now at this point, we were thinking to ourselves that albacore sashimi is pretty standard and that chef mistook us for first timers. We were concerned that he would only bring us something standard and “safe”. However, he washed away our worries when he brought out this amazing and beautiful dish. It was a plate of albacore sashimi lightly coated with ponzu sauce and garnished with onion and avocado.

The following dishes were equally as amazing. We ordered the Uni to finish our meal and serve as a control sample for comparison since we always order it when it’s available. Uni is not for everyone and is easily served wrong. The chef was very generous with the portions and the Uni was served cold and fresh which left a creamy and almost sweet taste. The sushi chef nailed this one right on the head. That was the perfect touch to end our meal with.

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