Kami Sushi

“All You Can Eat Sushi”. I know that might not sound most appealing to some when they first hear that. Mainly because AYCE sushi has been associated with cheap, low quality sushi found at buffet lines that some may consider sacrilegious. I want to tell of you now that Kami Sushi is far from that. First, you’ll probably be surprise when you arrive at Kami Sushi to find that there’s no buffet line either. Unlike most of the other restaurants in the AYCE category, Kami Sushi will still provide you that personal touch found in any other regular sushi restaurant with a real sushi chef behind the counter.

Kami doesn’t skimp on the service or garnishing either. As you can tell from the pictures eat plate was well presented and I can assure you that they taste just as good as they looked. The manager, the server, and the chef were all amazing and friendly. We tipped our cups to them several times over for making it such a fun experience to dine there.

Kami Sushi is definitely a hidden gem in Orange County. Don’t like the AYCE stigmata prevent you from dining there. The only different between Kami and any other traditional sushi restaurant is the price, which allows everyone to try items off the menu that you normally would have not order. My recommendation is to leave your skepticism at home and try it out. Also, be sure to go when you’re hungry and ready to eat.

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