Ivan Kane’s Café Was

Ivan Kane’s Café Was and the Forty Deuce show was recommended to me by my coworker awhile back but I never found the time to go. However, it was Valentine’s Weekend so I figured it would be a good opportunity to take my significant other and try something out of the norm. From what my coworker told me, I was just expecting a dinner and a French burlesque show and imagined it was just a fancier French version of Medieval Times. As usual, I was wrong. The décor was simply fantastic. It really felt like we were in a dim lit French café with candle light throughout the entire restaurant.

We were specifically there for their Forty Deuce show so they sat us right next to the stage. The Forty Deuce show came with a prefix four course menu. The first plate they brought out was surprisingly tiny and consisted of two small morsel of food. Immediately, we thought that we wouldn’t get full tonight and was already planning on a back up meal elsewhere. However, after tanking the first bite, our mouths were just stunned by the unusual pairing of flavors. Both the bacon drizzled with chocolate sauce and spicy cupcake melded opposing flavors, creating a new delight as we savor every bit of it. And that was pretty much the theme of the following plates that they brought out. Small portions, but perfect in every other way, beautifully arranged, cooked till it melts in your mouth, and an explosion of taste.

They waited until we were about finished with our main course before they started the burlesque show. There were two dancers and a three man jazz band. The show was just electrifying. Both dancers brought a lot of energy into the room. It was definitely a demonstration of physique and not smut. At the end of the show, we wanted more and felt disappointed that it was over. The show was long enough for us to finish our dessert and wine, but time sure flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

Ivan Kane’s Café Was and the Forty Deuce show was amazing. The small plate, big taste, European style meal was a delightful experience. Factor in the French burlesque dancers and our night was perfect.

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