After hearing a few friends rave about FiRE+iCE, I figure it was time to try them out. But upon arriving, we found that there was a 40 minute wait for a table for two. A quick look around and you can spot all of the open tables, which made us believe that they were understaffed. Even after we were seated, it took another 10 minutes before someone came by to take out drink order. But when no one returned after 15 minutes, we were fed up with waiting and made out way over to the grill.

Behind the grill was a buffet of raw meat and assorted vegetables. It seemed pretty self explanatory at the time, so we just piled our bowl with food and found a spot at the counter where everyone else was waiting for their food to be cooked. However, no one told us that we needed to line up behind wherever the blinking beacon was (more wasted time). So after finding the end of the line, we realized that there were about 30 people waiting around the grill, all of them waiting for their food to be cooked, but we could only see a few people working the grill. We turned to each other and sighed as we prepare ourselves for another long wait, but this time we get to stand.

Despite the wonderful service that we were not having, the food was quite edible. Although, it seems like most of the flavors came from their overwhelming sauces, and not from the ingredients themselves. When we finished, we were hesitant on going back for seconds. The whole process of getting our food was so un-enjoyable, that it didn’t seem to be worth the effort. At least their drinks were stiff.

The concept of an AYCE Mongolian style BBQ is nice, but FiRE+iCE executed it horribly. It would have been a better experience if they had more staff on hand. It would have been nice if we were able to try all of the different combinations and sauces, but at the moment, FiRE+iCE is nothing more than a cheap buffet with little to no service.

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