Dos Chinos

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a surge in the numbers of food trucks. However, most of them play on some novelty idea or another to muster attention and differentiate themselves. Unfortunately, they usually lack the “WOW” factor that would drive me to seek them out again. After being let down so often, I started to look forward to running into an old, run down Mexican taco trucks instead of the new modern fusion ones. At least that was true until I tried out Dos Chinos for the first time.

When I first heard about Dos Chinos and that it was a Vietnamese taco truck, I immediately thought of Kogi, which is a Korean BBQ truck but best described as unimpressive. Therefore, it was only natural that my initial expectation of Dos Chinos was pretty low. However, keeping an open mind, I decided to try it out anyways and it was a good thing that I did too. The cashier recommended the “Bolsa Roast Pork”, so I ordered a burrito and two tacos with it, along with a side order of the Papas Fritas Con Carne.

My first bite into the burrito was a loud and crunchy one. It definitely caught me off guard. After examining the gaping hole in the burrito, I could see that the pork was lightly fried on the outside, but still retained it juicy core. Another chomp into it and I was able to taste the pork melding with the salsa verde. At this point, Dos Chinos had a really solid burrito IMHO, but I tend to like things a little spicier so I splashed some of their sriracha hot sauce which really hit the spot for me. Their tacos was equally as good if not better since there was a lot more salsa verde in each bite. The Papas Fritas Con Carne seems a lot like normal carne asada fries, but Dos Chinos’ fries were a lot crisper and crunchier which made them pretty irresistible to eat even with a full stomach.

I hate to admit it, but I think I’m hooked and I’ll be watching their site to see the next time they’re in the area.

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